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Stranger things have happened…

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I really enjoyed Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium arcadium so I thought I’d use this part of the lyrics as a title…and besides that it sort of fit the subject well.

Well, seems I’ve missed last month’s Experimental Gameplay theme “Failure”. It’s really annoying me, cause I had a nice idea for that…but who knows, I might use parts of it this month…

Anyway, there’s something I find really strange (and funny at the same time). I guess you all remember Obsessive Nuclear Testing Disorder. I made it in July for EGP’s “Unexperimental shooter” theme. Amazingly, it seems to be the best game I’ve made so far. Out of all the 3852 hits I’ve had so far on my blog, 1384 come from ONTD. Even thought I only posted ONTD on my blog, TigSource and mailed to the guys at EGP, it came up on many other sites and even got a small review. From now on, I’m gonna rate each link on the “how much I laughed when I saw it”, from 1 to 10.

I’ll start off with the mini-review. This got a 6…When I first saw it I laughed for about 5 mins w/o stopping
The second one, is similar to the first one, and I found it almost at the same time (Google is smart). This gets a 4 (I laughed so hard at the first one, that I didn’t find it so funny).
This one was kinda lame…since it’s basically a carbon-copy of the first two…2.
This one was extremely funny. Mainly because I couldn’t understand the language. I think it’s in Czech. This gets an 8.

Last but not least, I found ONTD here. Well, as far as my scale goes, this is way off the scale…23462(!!!) I laughed for about 15 minutes :)) I got an

Haven’t laughed that hard since a friend of mine tried to carry burning ashes from one fire to another with a towel.

What I find strange is that the game I spent the least time on had the greatest success…I should remember to stick to this…also, I’m thinking of writing a post-mortem for it. It’ deserves it 😀

Well, that’s all for now, expect a new 7-day game soon, and, who knows, maybe even a post-mortem 😀

Peace 🙂