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You’ll never guess!

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Hello everyone! Hope you’re all OK. I’ve got some good(at least I think so) news of my own. I’m participating at Imagine Cup 2010, GameDev section together with a friend of mine. Timotei. Now this is nothing new. We’ve been working on our project for about 4 months…I guess. Since we finally came up with a name for our game (thanks Bill!), I’ve added a special page to my blog, where we’re gonna post updates about our game, Shade…and other stuff.

(this is starting to feel like an actual dev blog)

Cheers to y’all!


So what’s new 2010?

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Hello everyone! Happy new year to you all! Hope you all have a great year and we’ll see amazing, both indie and non-indie, games! A few days ago I received a newsletter about a game I’ve really been waiting for.

This is what we’re getting this year, at least as far as the devs say 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this game since I saw it in the IGF 2009 student showcase. Not much is known about it, apart from the fact that it looks and sounds awesome. From what I’ve heard, the developers were testing physics interaction and stuff like that, and the gameplay wasn’t really sorted out (you can see what the guys at COOP had to say about it (at about 12:40)). If there’s a game I’m waiting for this year, Feist is that game. From what the newsletter said, it’s gonna have a demo, and they’re gonna release a new trailer soon. PC and Mac 🙂

Besides that, I want to show you a video of a really nice game I haven’t heard of before, Shadow Physics. No idea when it’s gonna be out, but you can check that out here

Peace 🙂