Another month, another theme. This time, we had “10 seconds is long enough”. Very awesome:) What I did has been bugging me for a while… How would it feel like to be blind? Would I be able to adapt? Seeing is something we take for granted, but what if we didn’t have it?

2-day game by Alin Baciu


blindr2.rar (3.08mb)

Update! (22.03.2010) fixed the sounds a bit (now you hear them getting louder as you close in)(thanks Alex!)

Update! (02.04.2010) since some people asked, I’ve added an unlimited version in which you can stop whenever you want, not after 10 seconds:).

blindr3unlim.rar (3.08mb)
G – reveal


Stumble around the world, as if you were blind, trying to find the source of a particular sound in under 10 seconds. That’s how it fits the Experimental Gameplay Project theme:).
I have been wondering for a while what it would be like if I was blind. How would I cope with it? Would my hearing improve? Blind illustrates that idea, in a minimalist sort of way.


WASD / arrow keys – move
Mouse – turn
Space – reset
G – reveal (unlimited version only)

For a better experience, use headphones:)


If you have problems getting the game to run I’d suggest installing the newest DirectX 9.0c driversXNA 3.1 and making sure you have .net framework 3.5 installed.


Game design, code & gfx made by Alin Baciu (bc_alin{[@]}yahoo{[dot]}co{[dot]}uk)
The game uses Irrklang and XNA 3.1.
The sfx used can be found on
Thanks go to Catalin Zima for his 2D dynamic lighting sample.
Inspiration source: Experimental Gameplay Project.
The game itself is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

10 Responses to “Blind”

  1. You’re welcome!

    Nice game and idea, it would be nice to have a mode in which you choose when to stop and reveal your position.

  2. Same thing.
    I know 10 seconds was the theme, but in fact, this concept is so good that 10 seconds only are frustrating

  3. Stefan Monov Says:

    That’s an incredible concept.
    Sadly I couldn’t enjoy it fully because of some audio problems. When moving the mouse, there are two problems:
    – there’s some screeching pops (like buffer underruns)
    – when the mouse is moved fast, the audio “stutters”, like one of the samples stops playing for 200ms

    • lol, strange…not sure why that happens…irrklang handles all the sound stuff, so I don’t have such a low level access, but I don’t think that should be a problem. I tested it on my eeepc 901 and it worked just fine. I’m sorry you couldn’t really enjoy it 😦

  4. Great work 🙂 I had to agree 10 seconds was too short, but it provided a challenge for those who wanted something hard to beat. Good choice of sounds, very relaxing.

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  6. Review Aggregator

    Blind | AwkwardGames – Quote: “AwkwardGames ftw!”

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