Rolling Boulder

Well, it’s been some time since my last post. That’s due to the fact that I’ve had very little time to finish prototypes, although I’ve started quite a few. Hopefully, I’ll have more time from now on. This time, I’m taking on a challenge over at Experimental Gameplay Project, which involves making a game for the awesome Sifteo Cubes, which came out recently (read more about them here). I’ve taken a sort of Temple Run inspired path, but I think it could work well on the cubes themselves (I only had access to the emulator). Due to the limited time I had to make this (I’m writing this post a few hours before February hits the entire globe), there is no music at the moment.

Rolling Boulder

Siftulator 2013-02-01 01-36-26-50Siftulator 2013-02-01 01-36-41-04Siftulator 2013-02-01 01-36-54-11


Attention: In order to run this game, you’re gonna need the Sifteo emulator (available in the SDK), or a set of 3 or more cubes. Otherwise, there’s a video below (45 kb)


Playing the game isn’t complicated. You tap the cube the boulder is on to start, and use the other cubes to make a path for it. You can make intersections as you please, but the boulder will decide the path it wants to take. The more choices it has, the more points you get. I’ll have to pay attention, because the boulder speeds up with time. You can speed it up by yourself by tilting the cube it’s on in the direction it’s going, or slow it down by tilting the cube the other way. The faster it goes, the more points you get. Try to keep it running as long as possible.



Although I’ve tried to minimize the number of bugs to the point where I couldn’t find any, you might still run into some. Please report them in the comments section, so I can investigate and fix them.


Code & art by Alin Baciu


Inspiration: Experimental Gameplay Project

As always, any feedback is welcome.




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