About me and this blog

First the blog:

Well, I started this blog so I can show my work to the public and get feedback. This site will also serve as my online portfolio.Ā  I started Awkward Games inspired by Experimental Gameplay Project
. Basically, here Is were I’m gonna post the games I make, which should be 7-day games and done by myself only, testing a new form of gameplay. But not only!

As far as I’m concerned, the Indie side of gamedev is the most spectacular and innovative, so I’m a big supporter of indie games. This blog is too šŸ˜€

I play the guitar (both acoustic and electric).

About me

Alin Baciu
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I’m currently in my second year at the Cluj-Napoca Technical University, and I’m studying computer science. I’ve been programming for a while (4-5 years) and recently I got into gamedev, after I started working on my game engine (Chorus Game Engine).Ā  It’s not available for public and, most likely, you’ve never heard of it.


bc_alin [at] yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

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