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Shade updates!:D

Posted in aw-games, awkward, Shade with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 16, 2010 by tayron

Hello people! Remember Shade? The game I was making, together with a friend for Imagine Cup 2010? Well, today we uploaded the round 1 entry, so I thought I’d post some screenshots…and something else. Without further ado, here you are:) As usual, comments and feedback are welcome:)

Also, here’s the game summary we were supposed to write:

Shade is a 2D puzzle platformer. It is based physics heavily on physics and has a unique control scheme-via mouse. In Shade you use freaky technologies, such as gravity switches and gene splicing to try to help the nature adapt to the environmental changes caused by the human society and revive it. You are going to climb trees and walk on ceilings, like you’ve been doing that your entire life. The game has a hybrid art style, with both detailed scenery and minimalist grayscale areas, illustrating the difference between the human habitat and what nature brings to the table. The music creates a slightly melancholic atmosphere, encouraging the player to meditate on his or her daily routine. Mouse only controls might sound a bit strange at first, but they are pretty easy to grasp.

Also, here’s the teaser trailer we were supposed to make:)



You’ll never guess!

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Hello everyone! Hope you’re all OK. I’ve got some good(at least I think so) news of my own. I’m participating at Imagine Cup 2010, GameDev section together with a friend of mine. Timotei. Now this is nothing new. We’ve been working on our project for about 4 months…I guess. Since we finally came up with a name for our game (thanks Bill!), I’ve added a special page to my blog, where we’re gonna post updates about our game, Shade…and other stuff.

(this is starting to feel like an actual dev blog)

Cheers to y’all!