The Break

Ludum Dare 22  took place this weekend (16th-19th December) with the theme “Alone”, so I thought I’d throw my brain at it and see what comes out. The result….well…I hope you like it.

The Break

48-hour game for LD22


Game: break.rar (2.45 MB)

Source: break_src.rar(2.33 MB)

The idea behind the game is…well…you’ll figure it out…


Left/Right – move
Z – interact
X – jump


If you have problems getting the game to run I’d suggest installing the newest XNA 4 redistributable and making sure you have .net framework 4 installed.


Game design, code, music & gfx made by Alin Baciu (bc_alin{[@]}yahoo{[dot]}co{[dot]}uk)

This game uses Box2D XNA.

Inspiration source: Ludum Dare.

Source code

Since this is Ludum Dare, the source code is available for download above.
In order to compile it, you need XNA 4 and Visual Studio 2010
The code is under the LGPL license.


As a small bonus, here’s the timelapse of the creation process 😀

Peace 🙂


One Response to “The Break”

  1. zapakitul Says:

    Congrats on finishing it! LD22 was great!

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